Bingo Card Generator

Validation of winning bingo cards

Here is an example on how to confirm if a bingo line is a winner.

A player brings his card claiming that he got a bingo line. He is waiting for you to validate it in order to win a prize or have a chance for the final draw.

You take the player’s card and you check if the numbers have been played during the game on the call sheet. For this example, the bingo line is valid because all the numbers have been checked on the call sheet.

The organizer gives a prize to the winner when the bingo is confirm. If the game is played with the “4 corners method“, rips off a numbered corner of the card for the final draw. In this case, the organizer gives the card back to the player and resumes the game.

If the bingo is not valid, indicate the wrong number(s) on the card and give it back to the player. Resume the game until the next winner.

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