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bingo caller application

Forget the noisy old bingo cage with numbered balls. Download a bingo caller application and start playing bingo ride away.

Browse this page with your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android) and use the appropriate link below to download the bingo caller app. You will be redirected automatically to App Store or Google play. You can choose to play with 75 or 90 numbers. The application will draw for you random numbers and display them on the main board. This app lets you easily follow the course of the game. You can also use the board to confirm the winning cards.

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Print and cut the numbers:

Print the list of numbers, cut to dashed lines and make the random draws for the bingo game.

Numbers from 1 to 75

list of numbers from 1 to 75
Numbers from 1 to 90

list of numbers from 1 to 90

Bingo Caller

bingo caller app

Bingo Maker

bingo maker web app