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How to play bingo?

How to play a bingo game, basic rules

The rules can change and be adapted to all situations, but in the meantime, here’s how a bingo game works in general. First, print the amount of bingo cards needed, distribute them among players and explain how the game will be played.

The organizer draws random numbers with a bingo caller app, a bingo cage with numbered balls, a call sheet with numbers from 1 to 75 or from 1 to 90 and track which numbers have been played during the game. When a player gets a bingo, he checks the card to confirm the bingo. The bingo cards consist of 25 squares containing random numbers between 1 and 75 or 1 to 90.

Get bingo cards (PDF)

Make random draws of numbers

How to play and get a bingo

The players can have one or more bingo card each. When the organizer draws a number, he calls it outloud and the players mark it on their bingo cards. To help the players, the organizer can tell under which column the number can be found (ex .: B-4, I-16 …).

The player checks on his bingo card if called number is on the card. If the number is there, the player identifies it with a pencil, marker or a bingo stamp. The player continues to mark the numbers on his card until he gets a line of five consecutive boxes “make a BINGO”. You can form a bingo in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).

The player indicate his bingo line to the organizer in order to claim his prize or have a chance to the final draw. The organizer check if the bingo line is valide with the call sheet. If the player has made a mistake and the bingo line is not valid, the game resumes until another player obtains a valid bingo.

How to validate the winning cards?

Depending on the rules established at the beginning of the game, every online bingo can automatically give a price. In that case, the game ends when the organizer has distributed all the prizes.

Make a draw among winners

If the organizer wants to extend the bingo game and distribute the prizes with a final draw, he can use the “4 corners” way.

When a player gets a valid bingo, a corner with his card number is ripped from his card. This gives him one chance to win a prize at the final draw. If the player gets several bingos on the same card, he gets more chances to win a prize on the final draw. More bingo you have, more chances you have. The game continues until the organizer collects enough card corners to make the final draw.

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