Bingo Card Generator

Free Virtual Bingo Card

Get a virtual bingo card on any device

You can now have a virtual bingo card in your web browser, and click the squares to mark them as played. By default, the card will have 25 random numbers from 1 to 75 with a free center. You will not lose your card if you refresh the page.

How does it work?

First, select how many numbers will be randomly distributed in the card squares. You can select from 25 to 150 numbers. Set the center square as free or with a number. If you plan to print the card, you can write a title that will appear at the top of the printed card. Once ready to get your bingo card, click “Get a virtual card”.

When you click a square, it will change to orange color to indicate it’s played. You can click again to clear the square. When you get a winning combination, the boxes will turn green. The winning patterns are: a line of 5 squares, the X, 4 corners, full card.

When you want to get a new card with the same settings, click “Get a new card”, and click “Yes”. If you would like to play a paper card with bingo dauber, you can print your card by clicking “Print”. To return to the card settings, click “Close”, and click “Yes”.

When you get a bingo, show your card to the host of the game to claim your prize. You can also take a screenshot of your card with your device, and send the image to the host.

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